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Ricardo Torres Andrés






Welcome to this wonderful, magical, knowledge corner!

I graduated in Theoretical Physics (Física Fundamental) from the UCM in 2008, and joined the Effective Theories in Modern Physics Group in January 2009, while doing my Master Thesis on the effects of isospin symmetry breaking in Chiral Perturbation Theory. I always wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon, but then, a sudden loss of perspective possessed me and lead me to the magical and lofty world of massless ropes, first, and particle physics lagrangians, in the end. An exciting world where I am currently holding a research fellowship of the Ministerio de Innovación y Ciencia (the name of this spanish institution evolves rapidly in time depending on the money we have to create spurious government departments so I don´t really know its name nowadays).

My research interests are focused on the meson sector of the strong interaction at low energies and finite temperature, and also on some other aspects of particle physics more related to heavy ion collisions like CP violation and transport coefficients.

My latest works deal with isospin breaking effects -both intrinsic and electromagnetic- on objects like the pion self-energy, light quark condensates and chiral (scalar, pseudo-scalar) susceptibilites; everthing within the framework of thermal Chiral Perturbation Theory.

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