NATO Advanced Research Workshop

PST.ARW 978791

New Trends in Integrability

and Partial Solvability

June 13-15, 2002
Cádiz, SPAIN



The main object of this Workshop is to bring together leading experts in the fields of integrability and partial solvability. Although both fields are closely related, the necessary exchange of ideas between researchers in both fields has been so far rather limited. This is particularly important in view of recent developments in the theory of partially solvable many-body problems, spin chains, etc., which should be better understood in the "canonical" framework of integrability.

The general approach of the meeting is that each of the key speakers, which include prominent scientists from both fields, will give a short survey talk on some specific aspect of the field in which he or she is an expert, with particular emphasis on trying to uncover possible connections with the other field. Each of these talks will be followed by a brief discussion with the participants, in which further relations between both fields will be pointed out. This will allow us to identify future directions of research, development and applications in these two subjects, combining the efforts of scientists from NATO, Cooperation Partner (CP) countries, Mediterranean Dialogue countries and other countries.


The workshop will take place at the Facultad de Medicina of Cadiz University, Plaza Fragela s/n, located in the historical quarter of Cadiz. The lecture hall can
accomodate as many as 100 people, and it is equipped with blackboard, overhead projector, and a multimedia projector (please, bring your own laptop).
Another hall with some computers offering direct on-line access to Internet will also be made available to the participants.


M. J. Ablowitz F. Calogero V. Dryuma M. D. Kruskal
S. V. Manakov L. Martínez Alonso A. V. Mikhailov A. Polychronakos
M. A. Rodríguez S. Ruijsenaars A. B. Shabat V. Sokolov
A. Veselov P. Winternitz O. Zaslavskii P. J. Olver

Scientific and Organizing Committee:

L. Martínez Alonso, A. B. Shabat (Co-directors)
F. Calogero, A. González-López, M. Mañas, M.A. Rodríguez

Deadline for registration: May 15, 2002
Postal Address: Departamento de Física Teórica II, Universidad Complutense, 28040 Madrid, SPAIN

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Proceedings of this workshop will be published afterwards in the NATO Science Series edited by Kluwer Academic Publishers. This volume will include a selection -- based on editorial judgment and peer assessment -- of contributed research papers. Authors will be asked to submit their manuscript at the beginning of the ARW.

Accommodation for participants in a college and several hotels in Cadiz will be provided by the Organization