Miguel A. Rodríguez

Departamento de Física Teórica II
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
28040-Madrid, Spain

e-mail: rodrigue@ucm.es


Mathematical Methods in Physics: Series solutions and Special Functions, Boundary problems, Partial Differential Equations, Separation of Variables and Related Problems


Integrable and Superintegrable Systems, Discrete systems, Difference Equations, Spin Chains, Quantum Chaos

Recent publications

J.C. Barba, F. Finkel. A. González-López, M.A. Rodríguez
An exactly solvable supersymmetric spin chain of BCN type
Nucl. Phys. B 806 684-714 (2009)

J.C. Barba, F. Finkel. A. González-López, M.A. Rodríguez
1/fα noise and integrable systems
Phys. Rev. E 80 047201 (2009)

M.F. Rañada, M.A. Rodríguez, M. Santander
A new proof of the higher-order superintegrability of a noncentral oscillator with inversely quadratic nonlinearities
J. Math. Phys. 51 042901 (2010)

D. Levi, M.A. Rodríguez
λ-symmetries for discrete equations
J. Phys. A: Math.Theor. 43 292001 (2010)

J.C. Barba, F. Finkel. A. González-López, M.A. Rodríguez
Inozemtsev's hyperbolic spin model and its related spin chain
Nucl. Phys. B 839 499-525 (2010) 

D. Levi, M.A. Rodríguez
The Jacobi last multiplier for linear partial difference equations
J. Phys. A: Math.Theor 45 275205 (2012)

D. Levi, M.C. Nucci, M.A. Rodríguez
λ-Symmetries for the Reduction of Continuous and Discrete Equations
Acta Appl. Math. 122 122-311 (2012) 

G. Gaeta, M.A. Rodríguez
Hyperkähler structure of the Taub-NUT metric
J. Nonlin. Math. Phys. 19 1250014 (2012)

D. Levi, M.A. Rodríguez
Construction of partial difference schemes: I. The Clairaut, Schwarz, Young theorem on the lattice
J. Phys. A: Math.Theor. 46 295203 (2013)

G. Gaeta, M.A. Rodríguez
Canonical transformations for hyperkahler structures and hyperhamiltonian dynamics
J. Math. Phys. 55 052901 (2014)