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Research Interests:

I am mainly interested in theoretical and phenomenological aspects of High Energy Physics.
  • Hadronic Physics.
    • Hadronic low-energy phenomenology: Chiral Perturbation Theory.
    • Unitarization methods. Meson spectroscopy. Large Nc of QCD.
    • Hadrons under extreme conditions: The QCD Chiral Phase Transition.
    • Hadronic high-energy phenomenology: Regge Theory.
  • The Symmetry Breaking Sector of the Standard Model
    • The Strongly Interacting Symmetry Breaking Sector of the Standard Model.
    • Strong  gauge boson scattering at  LHC   (the Large Hadron Collider, at CERN )
  • Perturbative QCD
    • Tests of perturbative QCD. Commensurate Scale Relations.
  • Physics Beyond the Standard Model
    • Supergravity models and inflationary Cosmology
    • Gravitino production during preheating after inflation. 
      Goldstino-Gravitino Equivalence Theorem.
    • Higher dimensional extensions of  the SM.
    • The Equivalence Theorem for Kaluza-Klein gauge bosons.
      Unitarity bounds on extra dimensional models.
  •  List of Publications  ( with links to abstracts and pdf or postcript versions. Last Update Jan/2005)


Institutions in High Energy and Theoretical Physics with whom I have had collaborations: Reference  search: High Energy Physics Information:
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José R. Peláez 
Depto. de Física Teórica II
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas
Universidad Complutense
28040 Madrid 

Office: 339 (Main Building) 
Phone: (34) 91- 394-5188 
Fax:     (34) 91- 394-5197