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Artemio González López

Depto. de Física Teórica

Fac. de Ciencias Físicas

Universidad Complutense

28040 Madrid, SPAIN

Phone:    +34 913944596

Fax:         +34 913944557


Office no.: 29 (2nd floor, western wing)

Office hours: We 14:30–16:00, Th 14:30–17:00,
Fr 14:30–16:30


Teaching (2019–20):

  1. Mecánica Clásica / Classical Mechanics

Lecture notes (in Spanish)

  1. Análisis II (advanced multivariable differential calculus)

  2. Cálculo I (freshman calculus)

  3. Variable Compleja (functions of a complex variable)

  4. Ecuaciones Diferenciales I (ordinary differential equations)

  5. Mecánica Teórica (theoretical mechanics)

  6. Grupos y Variedades en Física (group theory and manifolds in physics, master course)

  7. Cálculo (multivariable calculus)

  8. Métodos Matemáticos I (ordinary differential equations and analytic function theory)

  9. Mecánica Clásica (classical mechanics)

  10. Simetrías y Grupos en Física (group-theoretical methods in physics)


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Last modified: July 27, 2019

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