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NEW!! REF2017 in Tribuna Complutense

Madrid, Dates: 13/11/2017 (AFTERNOON)-16/11/2017

REF 2017 is the 4th workshop in the series of workshops on Resummation, Evolution, Factorization. The workshop wishes to bring together experts of different communities specialized in: nuclear structure; transverse momentum dependent distributions; small-x physics; effective field theories.
The topics of this workshop include: transverse momentum spectra in vector/scalar-boson production and semi-inclusive DIS; jet and heavy-quark production near the back-to-back region; TMD parton density functions and fragmentation functions; new approaches to Monte Carlo parton showering; non-perturbative effects and power corrections; TMDs and multi-parton interactions; spin, color and azimuthal asymmetries; applications to LHC, JLab, RHIC and EIC.

-- Previous workshops:
7-10 November 2016 Antwerp (Belgium)
2-5 November 2015 DESY Hamburg (Germany)
8-11 December 2014 Antwerp (Belgium)

-- Previous discussion meetings:
1-3 June 2015 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
23-24 June 2014 Antwerp (Belgium)

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Organizing committee:                                                Scientific committee:

Ignazio Scimemi (Chairman)                                         Elke Aschenauer      Daniel Boer
Daniel Gutiérrez Reyes                                                 Igor Cherednikov      Markus Diehl
José Ramón Peláez Sagredo                                        Didar Dobur             David Dudal
Ángel Gómez Nicola                                                     Miguel García Echevarría
Arkaitz Rodas Bilbao                                                     Laurent Favart         Francesco Hautmann
Felipe J. Llanes Estrada                                                Hannes Jung           Fabio Maltoni
Antonio Dobado González                                            Piet Mulders             Gunar Schnell
                                                                                      Andrea Signori         Pierre Van Mechelen